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NCMS Studios SMP Rules & Guidelines

SMP rules

  1. Don't grief: Just don't even try. Attempts will not be taken lightly.
  2. Don't cheat: You know when you're cheating. Stop it.
  3. Be appropriate in chat: There's no need for vulgarity, anger, harassment, or bullying.
  4. Don't interfere with server operations: Don't attempt any DoS attacks, try to "hack" the server, create lag, etc.
  5. Don't be a bad person: This one is kind of obvious.
  6. Don't scam other players: When selling and trading, be honest and have integrity.

Community rules

For the community rules, see the main rules page.

SMP guidelines

To keep the SMP fun and fair for everyone, we have a few best best practice guidelines to follow. These aren't rules, per se, but you should try to follow them as closely as you can.

  1. Don't claim land too close to someone else's claim, unless you have permission. You should be around at least 200 blocks away as a general rule of thumb.
  2. If you cut down trees, especially in a populated area, be sure to replant.