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Community Rules

  1. Be respectful to everyone: This means that racism, sexism, homophobia, or any other forms of harassment will not be tolerated.

  2. Do not threaten anyone: DDoS, Doxxing, death threats, abuse, etc. will lead to a ban, no questions asked.

  3. Do not advertise: Unless we give you explicit permission, please do not advertise anything in any of our channels. This includes Hypixel Housings, Discord servers, YouTube channels, etc. You may give out personal social media accounts if it is on a personal basis, i.e. not for the purpose of gaining attention or followers. Keep in mind, however, that it becomes public information, so be smart, keep yourself safe, and only share information you're fine with the whole world knowing.

  4. Do not post or discuss any NSFW or dangerous content: This rule is strictly enforced. If you have any doubt as to whether or not something you're about to send is NSFW, don't send it. This includes content within your Discord profile. We do not allow inappropriate or NSFW names, profile pictures, about mes, etc. Dangerous content includes anything malicious, such as IP grabbers, malware, and personal information.

  5. Do not spam: Come on. Just don't be that guy...

  6. Do not discuss politics: If you want to discuss politics, there are plenty of servers for that. This isn't one of them.

Note: We reserve the right to punish members in any way we see fit. Punishments include, but are not limited to, mutes, kicks, timeouts, and bans.